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Dr. John Barber
Your Knoxville Chiropractor

I originally started dealing with my pain by seeing another practice in Knoxville.  They started me on pills and shots right away after 2 long months, the pain from my sciatic nerve was not gone and I was being told I would have to pay for more expensive shots that my insurance would not cover.

My insurance company gave me the name of First Choice Chiropractic and I was able to schedule an appointment almost immediately.  The office was welcoming and the staff were so friendly!  After my previous experience of feeling like a cattle being herded from room to room, the atmosphere at First Choice Chiropractic was a welcomed change!

Within 2 weeks of my initial appointment, Dr. Barber fixed the issues with my sciatic nerve and I am able to walk without pain.  The doctor I had seen previously told me I would have the pain for the rest of my life and there wasn't anything he could do to fix it outside of sending me to a neurosurgeon.

Since my initial appointment in early February of 2013, I have no more pain.  Dr. Barber has fixed my hips (they were crooked), helped my spine to get back on track and is now working on a few minor issues left to ensure I don't have any more pain.  I recommend First Choice Chiropractic to anyone who is in pain - they helped me in so many ways.           

-SSH    3/13/13

When I first came to see Dr. Barber, I had a lower back injury that was causing me terrible pain and I could hardly walk.  For 3 weeks prior, I had to use crutches to get around and had missed work.  Dr. Barber was able to get me walking and back to work and above all, feeling like myself again.  Thank you!


I thought the active stage of my life was over.  One foot/leg from the hip was facing/leading to an angle instead of straight since a series of accidents.  I followed Dr. Barber's instructions completely and am now limp-free and active again!


I am a power lineman my job requires me to be able to lift anything between 35-135 lbs.  My work is done at 45 ft. above the ground or in a hole and if I get to stand flat footed on the ground it's on the side of a mountain, needless to say I don't know how I hurt my back but I did.  I live by the saying if you are going to be real dumb you need to be real tough.  I have been known to excel at both.  So, because I didn't believe in doctors I didn't come at first.  I suffered for a week with it thinking it would fix itself but it never did.  I finally gave in to the pain and that is why I came to First Choice Chiropractic.  As I came in the door the first smilling face I met as I hobbled in was Monica, she was super helpful.  She helped me with my payment and worked around my work schedule for my appointments.  Then I got to see Dr. Barber and when he put my back into place and the pain went away I could have kissed him, if it wasn't for the fact that he was real skinny, had no hair, and was a male; the last was a deal killer.  Then there was Georgia, don't let her good looks and charming personality fool you, she is very good at what she does.  I would love to take her and that machine home with me but she is mean, she will slap your hand for touching the timer on that machine.  I'm just playing.  She is very good at what she does.  I truly believe that she cares about each and every person on both a medical and personal level.  I think they all do.  I have never been to a place that I thought that.

Dr. Barber and the whole office have been nothing but great.  From the first trip there when I hobbled in and skipped out.  I would say that I am at 80% with no doubt that I will be at 100% soon and with my job I say I will be back.  I wouldn't go anywhere else.


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  • "I had pain in my lower back and shoulder area, after just a few trips of getting treatment from Dr. Barber, I began to feel much better. I am now pain free and I am enjoying working in my flower garden again and I just feel great! I had never been to a chiorpractor before. Pain free without the use of prescription drugs...It's GREAT! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"
    Pat Johnson /Knoxville, TN

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