Back Pain Treatments

Back pain can prevent you from being active and significantly affect your quality of life. At First Choice Integrated Health Care in Knoxville, TN, we provide various treatments to alleviate your discomfort and help you return to your normal routine. Before you visit us, take a look at some tips on how to reduce back pain below:


Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Moving around can help relieve or prevent back pain. However, while movement can sometimes lead to back pain, being inactive can actually worsen any discomfort you may already be experiencing. For more serious cases of back pain, specific physical therapy might be needed, so make sure to consult our chiropractor beforehand. When you visit us, our chiropractor will speak with you about your lifestyle and symptoms to determine which activities to avoid or the treatment you may need.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments can be beneficial in alleviating back pain. If the discomfort is due to a spinal misalignment, we can properly realign your spine to relieve the ache. The adjustments can also help prevent injuries that cause back pain from reoccurring.


If your pain is being caused by inflammation and the medication our chiropractor prescribes aren't effective, then anti-inflammatory injections may help. The injections might be particularly helpful if you have pain that is radiating to your leg due to nerve irritation.

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Back pain can dull, sharp, and occur from a variety of causes. If you have discomfort in your back, our team at First Choice Integrated Health Care in Knoxville, TN, we offer treatment that can reduce your symptoms and help you heal. To learn more about our treatments or to schedule your appointment, contact us at (865) 577-1213 today. Our team is dedicating to improving your overall health and wellness!

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