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If back pain is affecting your personal life and work, you can do something to improve things. For one, it's important to stay active and you should also watch your weight, among others. Our chiropractor at First Choice Integrated Health Care in Knoxville, TN, can provide you with quality chiropractic care, back pain treatment, and more. These remedies can ease back pain so you can live life again. 


Get Active Regularly

Moving around may be the last thing you'd think would be good for your back pain. But this is often the first remedy professionals tell patients to do. Being inactive can worsen back pain, but staying active can be the best way to relieve pain. Indeed, keeping to your normal routine and level of activity is a great idea. Take your dog for a walk around the block or go for a walk for a half hour on your own. 

Get Lifestyle Advice from Our Chiropractor

Sometimes, our own lifestyles are to blame for our back pain. By consulting our chiropractor, you can get advice to help avoid unhealthy habits and to help avoid trigger for your back pain. This can go a long way to helping to make sure that you get lasting pain relief and pain management. 

Try Stretching

Stretching can increase flexibility and reduce the likelihood of injury. It may also help alleviate back pain and the stress associated with it. You can use stretching and other exercises to help strengthen your abdominal core to better support your back. All you need is a few minutes per day to start benefiting. You can learn stretches and exercises for back pain from our chiropractor. 

Stay at a Healthy Weight

Extra weight increases the mechanical force on the spine. This means shedding a few pounds can take a load off your back and relieve your pain. Biking, swimming, and walking are some exercises you can do for weight loss and back pain. Our chiropractor can help you achieve your weight loss and other health goals. 

Get a Chiropractic Adjustment

Seeing our chiropractor for a chiropractic adjustment could be exactly what you need. It could be beneficial for easing low back pain, improving posture, minimizing migraines and headaches, treating minor spine or neck injuries, improving the range of motion of joints such as the spine, and relieving symptoms of osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions. This procedure may even help boost your mood. 

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