Herniated Disc

One of the unfortunate effects of aging is the gradual wear and weakening of the bones and cartilage in our joints and spine over time, subjected to the stresses and strains of life. In the case of the cartilage in our spines, this slow deterioration manifests as degenerative disc disease. The onset of degenerative disc disease can be quite subtle and may not be noticeable in its early stages.


In later stages, many older individuals experience back pain, often attributing it to a natural part of aging and believing that nothing can be done to alleviate the discomfort. At First Choice Integrated Health Care in Knoxville, we specialize in treating various health conditions, including herniated discs.


Frequently, conventional doctors prescribe cortisone shots or painkillers, which are not always effective in addressing the pain symptoms and do not target the underlying issue. Additionally, painkillers can lead to addiction, exacerbating the patient's situation.

Fortunately, chiropractic medicine provides a safe, effective, and gentle approach to treating lower back pain without relying on painkillers, other medications, or surgery. Chiropractic adjustments to the back and neck can restore the spine to its original form.

When the bones and discs in the spine shift from their normal position due to factors such as age-related deterioration, injury, accidents, or poor posture, misalignment can occur. Spinal alignment is a technique that enables the chiropractor to guide the spine back into its original position by applying precise pressure to specific locations on the patient's back or neck.

Additional Treatments

Spinal decompression is another chiropractic technique designed to restore the space between the vertebrae. This reduces pressure on the patient's spine, facilitating a more normal flow of blood and fluids in the spinal column. Once the body's normal shape and function are restored, the internal healing functions can work properly, contributing to the patient's overall health. Chiropractic techniques are safe, backed by numerous scientific trials conducted over many years, and can be as effective as painkillers or other drugs in treating back pain.

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