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Aging takes a toll on the human body and it does so in a variety of ways. For some individuals, the effects of aging can manifest as more intense shoulder pain. Here at First Choice Integrated Health Care, we want to help Knoxville, TN, residents manage their shoulder pain more effectively.


Understanding your shoulder pain is a first step toward managing it properly. Continue with the rest of this article to find out how aging is affecting your shoulders. We’ll also discuss how your chiropractor can play a role in addressing your shoulder pain.

Aging and Its Impact on Your Shoulders

Your shoulders that were previously capable of bearing heavy loads have likely weakened over the years. That type of development is natural and it’s simply a product of aging. Unfortunately, aging also makes us more susceptible to certain conditions that can cause significant shoulder pain.

One aging-related condition that is known to cause significant shoulder discomfort is osteoarthritis. If you have osteoarthritis, the cushioning of bones in your shoulders will wear down. Eventually, the bones will become more exposed and they will start grinding against each other.

As you can imagine, that condition is pretty painful.

You can also more easily injure your shoulders because of how weak they can become as you age. You might try to lift something you could have easily lifted when you were younger or do an exercise you thought you would have no problem doing. You might then immediately after, or a little while after, notice shoulder pain.

Shoulder conditions can be quite problematic. Thankfully, our chiropractor can help you handle them better.

Chiropractic Care for Your Ailing Shoulders

Seeking chiropractic care for your ailing shoulders is an idea that can be well worth considering.

You could be interested in securing chiropractic care because it may help effectively reduce your shoulder pain. It might also be especially effective against the discomfort caused by osteoarthritis. A chiropractic adjustment might also be exactly what you need if you have a frozen shoulder. Chiropractors know how to manipulate shoulders to improve their range of movement. That type of treatment could be exactly what you need right now.

Moving forward, our chiropractor might also be able to help keep your shoulders in better condition. Heed his advice and head in for regular check-ups so you can prevent shoulder issues from popping up again.

Secure a Chiropractic Adjustment for Your Injured Shoulders Today

Mitigating the effects of aging on your shoulders is possible. Work with us at First Choice Integrated Health Care if you wish to take better care of your shoulders. Visit our Knoxville, TN, location today and allow us to help provide the treatment you need. Call us at (865) 577-1213 for more information.

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