Regenerative Medicine: What It Is and What It’s Used For

Regenerative medicine is a group of treatments focused on healing damaged tissues naturally and restoring the function you may have lost due to aging, medical conditions, and more.  There are multiple types of regenerative medicine, the main one people use focuses on stem cells which have the ability to morph into the damaged tissues it is near and repair the tissue, but there are ones that rely on your blood’s components to provide lasting results.  This is called PRP or platelet rich plasma.  This type of regenerative medicine uses your own blood to help heal damaged tissue. 

When you’re young, your body can heal more efficiently, but the older you get, the longer the healing process can take. The longer length of time to heal can even lead to the development of chronic pain issues. Chronic pain can decrease your quality of life.

Regenerative medicine offers a way to not only treat pain but has the potential to actually heal the damaged tissue and give long lasting relief.  Regenerative medicine can offer help for many issues, including:

•          Rheumatoid arthritis inflammation

•          Ligaments that have been torn or overextended

•          Degenerative disc disease

•          Osteoarthritis

The condition you have may dictate the type of regenerative treatment that has the potential to be most effective for you.  Here at First Choice Integrated Health Care we offer multiple types of regenerative medicine options.

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