Helping You Manage Your Headaches

Headaches impacting your life? Find out how these treatment options could help.

We all know how much headaches can ruin the day; however, if you find yourself dealing with headaches quite often, this could have something to do with tension in the head, neck, and shoulders. Tension headaches are quite common and could be the reason you’re rubbing your temples at your desk right now. Instead of tossing back a pain reliever why not turn to our Knoxville, TN, team of Dr. John Barber and Gayanne Ballinger, FNP to effectively manage your headaches?

The Cause of Your Headaches 

There are many factors that can bring about a headache that it can often be a challenge to figure out the root cause. Of course, our Knoxville, TN, team can help you determine why these headaches are happening to you. Some causes include,

  • Stress
  • Food sensitivities 
  • Poor posture 
  • Lack of sleep or poor sleep
  • Skipping meals
  • Certain medications 
  • Hormones 

Whatever the cause may be we have the treatment to help reduce and even eliminate your headaches. Many times, spinal misalignments are to blame for tension headaches. Besides causing nasty headaches, spinal misalignment can also damage nerves, tighten muscles and inflame tissue. Doesn’t sound good, right? 

Treating Headaches 

The ultimate goal of care is to reduce the stress placed on the nerves and the spine to restore tissue and muscles to their healthy, normal state. By doing so we can improve your body’s ability to heal itself and reduce the frequency and severity of your headache flare-ups. We will also ask you questions about your current lifestyle to see if diet, stress, certain medications, current health problems, or sleep disorders could also be contributing to your headaches. From there, we can also map out lifestyle modifications that can help.Through gentle massage techniques and spinal adjustments, we can realign the vertebrae to get rid of nerve pressure, which could be responsible for your headaches. Massage therapy can also be used in conjunction with spinal adjustments to focus on any muscle or soft tissue problems that may also be contributing. 

If you are dealing with recurring or severe headaches, our Knoxville, TN, team is here to help. Dr. Barber has helped many patients improve their daily lives and activities by helping them take control over their headache symptoms. To learn more about how we can help you, call First Choice Integrated Healthcare at (865) 577-1213.

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